The Campus Portal allows parents/guardians to view some of the information in the system, such as schedules, transportation, attendance, grades, and immunization information for their child(ren). Parents can also request updates to demographic information for their household.

Use of the portal is subject to Terms and Conditions; before going any further, please read carefully the Terms and Conditions here.
It is critical that, as a parent/guardian, you are using a secure E-mail account with the Campus other words, an E-mail account to which only you have access. Shared E-mail accounts have a place, but not when using the Campus Portal...anyone who has access to the E-mail account you are using will be able to request changes to important information and make educational decisions. If you don't have a secure E-mail account, sign up for a free one (Google's Gmail and Microsoft's Live are both good choices). Then, get that secure account on file with the school before signing up for the Campus Portal